Bigdotech is an agency that specializes in helping e-commerce businesses with custom apps to add unique functionality. Our Shopify app developers are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Shopify App Development Process

1. Understanding business needs:

The first vital step in building a Shopify app is to understand the specific needs of your business and what you want the app to achieve. This will help to ensure that the app is tailored to your unique requirements and meets your goals.

2. Checking if the app already exists:

Before starting to build a new app, it's essential to check if an app with similar functionality already exists on the Shopify app store. If it does, it may be more cost-effective to use that app rather than building a new one.

4. Developing the app:

After the design is finalised, the development process begins. The app will be built using the Shopify API and Liquid template language. As a Shopify app development company, we will work to ensure that the app functions correctly and is responsive on different devices.

Shopify Services We Do

We understand that every business is unique and therefore, the needs of your business may not be met by pre-existing apps on the Shopify app store.

That's why we offer custom Shopify app development services.

If you’re limited with current functionality, we offer to go headless on Shopify and build a more customizable and flexible solution to match your business needs.
We help businesses sell their products and services in new markets, expand the current functionalities upon the business need, or bypass Shopify’s default restrictions.
We have a proven track record in public app development with Shopify. We'll help you develop a secure, stable, and maintainable app that will help you achieve your goals.
Our expertise goes beyond custom app development with Shopify. For example, we help you upgrade, maintain, and, if needed, migrate your Shopify-based store.
We expand your app’s capabilities with third-party services like (feedback collection), Klaviyo (email management), or Recharge (subscription management).
When developing a Shopify app, we apply UI/UX design practices that ease the navigation for your customers, improve their experience, and ultimately boost sales.

Why choose our Shopify development company

Professional team

Bigdotech has a team with comprehensive expertise in building custom software for various platforms and domains. We treat every project with attention to technical details and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Considerable Shopify expertise

Over the years, we’ve gained considerable expertise in building custom web and mobile apps for the e-commerce industry, headless development, and development with major platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, and all kinds of Shopify apps: public and custom.

Business-focused mindset

Our clients are our source of gaining unique expertise, new skills, and inspiration to move forward. Working on new projects, we foster collaboration with customers to help them improve their business strategies and achieve their business goals.