About Us

A new breed of thinkers, driven to create

Bigdotech is a Product Studio that partners with startups and brands to build interactive, mobile-first products that solve real needs and people love to use.

We work with our clients as Product Partners, supporting them proactively throughout the journey from idea to launching a product and scaling it up. Startups and brands work with us to define their product, design their prototype, develop their MVPs, then build and scale a successful product.

Our process stands out through our early focus on value and close partnerships. We work on each product to identify and create easy acquisition flows, generate value early to retain users, and build a solid infrastructure for scalability.

Our workflows are based on lean principles, rapid prototyping techniques and agile development, making us very fast and flexible in iterating value to users.



5 Reasons to Choose


1. App development solutions – the full package

We cover the entire flow of taking an idea and launching it as a full mobile product, along with testing and go-to-market advising. This includes everything from product strategy, UI/UX design to cross-platform and native iOS mobile development and Android mobile development.

2. Experienced app creators

With a lot of digital products built in the last six years, for various industries, we know what it takes to build a strong, engaging mobile app. You can rest assured that your product is in good hands.

3. In-house app developers only

We’ve taken special care to build a strong and steady team in-house. All of our people are trained in our custom processes and have the specific focus and attention to detail that have made Bigdotech a strong app development agency.

4. Focus on efficiency and effectiveness

We work agile to ensure fast delivery and effective communication with the client. Our Product Discovery Workshops, Mobile MVP solutions, and accurate Prototypes bring our clients clarity and amazing product value. We always advise on fast validation and doing user testing as early and as often as possible.

5. Great communication and smart, fun people

We work tightly with our clients. This brings many advantages in terms of communication and reduces many of the usual hiccups of outsourced development.

When you need strong engagement in your app, having a great UX and proper solutions for implementation is essential. Bigdotech managed to understand our specific challenges, and applied their great mobile development expertise to create a fantastic product for us. We'd definitely recommend this team for anything mobile.

Arnav Pike - COO, Dine Market, INC.

The people over at Bigdotech are professionals. They're full of energy and enthusiasm for what they do and they do it well. They're the ones you want taking action if you're looking for collaborators on a mobile project. What can I say? It's all good up until now... and it sure has been a while.

Korban Burn - COO, Imobiliare

It's been really good working with Bigdotech! The guys there really managed to pull off a great solution for our rather complex needs. They built two really strong mobile apps, on iOS and Android, that helped our business create essential engagement with your users.

Danny Ferreira - COO, Wellory

Our team's experience with Bigdotech was 100% positive. They went beyond our expectations and has become a true member of our team, bringing their ideas, product suggestions and direction to the table. From native development to backend services, to UI/UX and marketing, this team delivers! Period.

Pike - COO, Tenor